The Word Witch

I don’t care where they come from;

Latinate, Anglo, Germanic or slang,

they give incantations, hexes and chants’ a nice twang

Each sentence, made to stun.

My word doc; a metaphysical caldron!

Elixirs to cause laughter or tears,

little javelins sent to enter your ears.

Every word an ingredient for my potion,

I’ll lay them upon you, a literacy lotion!

Novels, now they’re a complicated spell,

I prefer short stories, and poetry as well.

There’s no need to sip at my word brew,

my enchantment’s already cast upon you!



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Food Porn

Sizzling sausages
now cucumbers in cellophane,
go well in beagles,
served with one meatball and one profiterole.
First put a finger in a hula hoop or jelly ring,
look at the succulent chicken breast.
Desert’s eaten-mess with orange segments,
lick the plate clean to get
lady’s fingers.
Manage a jumbo sausage?
Hot dog! The burger’s in the bun,
toad’s in the hole, time for gravy?
The banana has split,
leaving a cream cone, and
a ring doughnut, well iced.

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Your Mistake

Slice your wrists,
take all the pills,
for all I care.
We’re done,
that was my choice.
Finish yourself too,
if you like.
Nought to do with me.

I’m saving myself,
from your your texts, your calls;
They’ve made me dead,
from the heart down.
Each new threat
no longer rattles in my head,
you’ve cured me of worry.
Not cos I think you won’t do it,
I just don’t care.

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For Rollo

baby 002

The Day You Saddled the Sun

  The sun set one evening and you followed,

to return an item borrowed.

Reaching to the ball of light,

you reeled it in, a fiery kite.

Sparing no time you didn’t pack,

just hopped onto its golden back.

You laughed and it was filled joy,

then sped away with your new toy.

It coated you with star-light dust,

it knew this way you’d never rust.

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My branches bend to and fro,
the wind strokes,
I’m dancing.

My body bows,
you’ve made me make an arch,
I look pretty that way.

I snap.
I shouldn’t have strained myself.
I didn’t grow like that.

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It’s A Bit Nippy

I’ve entered this competition…… PLEASE Click on link and give it a look!!!  It’s a short story and it’s judged on how many people click on it!

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You See Red

Ginger, Ginger, Ginger!!!

Didn’t bat an eyelid did you?
Rusty, carrot top,
Gimley, tampon.
Celtic blood runs through their veins,
Burn them with fire!!!
Run a stake through their sole-less hearts.
Never forget,
Difference deserves what it gets.

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