Total Eclipse of the Sole

What Do Dragonflies Eat





I used to fly with dragonflies upon the wind,

I could jump so high Jupiter, Neptune,

Uranus and Pluto where my stepping stones.

But one by one the colours in the rainbow drowned,

and down a slide of grey I plummeted to earth as a comet,

not realising that my fiery tale would kill all the dragonflies.


Now every smile’s a boil, that festers before erupting to the surface;

a forced plague: I wear it to dinner, to work, to parties.

There I find that language lies lifeless, draped upon my tongue;

conversing causing lumps of clay to roll from my mouth;

I grapple, moulding them till exhaustion,

still they splatter to the ground as unintelligible lumps.

I believed I could paint new worlds with words,

each one a tiny brush-stroke,

and me a grammatical god,

creating and killing life with a sentence.

Helmet on I’d mine each day,

finding life’s passion hidden in nooks and crannies,

Silver as valuable as coal,

I’d fuel my stories.








Every idea was a landscape to

drench with joy and despair;

But now all I find is  smooth chalk,

it crumbles through my fingers.

Fingers that scrape shapes at a blackboard

but my vowels have shriveled and my consonants wilted.







I watch as a layer of tarmac solidifies over every one my creations.

I will not weep for my personalized Pompeii,

impassive as stone I let cerement engulf me too.

and in time my flesh will wither,

leaving a huge Matryoska doll.

After reading of tales most magnificent archaeologists will come,

with tiny tools to excavate,

but i’m just the painted outer shell, an immobile robot;

Spontaneity, Creativity, Integrity, Ingenuity,

Sympathy, Empathy, even Pity fled long ago.

After finding me empty they’ll  pack up their tools and leave,  until no one comes to look because they’ll be nothing  to find.

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A Spinning Top upon a Carousel

Dizzy, disorientating and disastrous,download
I’m swirling around,
but not in ecstasy,
stop me now,
Every obstacle’s bouncing.
Horses, elephants, double decor buses.
skim me.
My struggle, futile;
how long can I twirl before
imagescentrifugal force
tosses me outwards?
The momentum of my own spin
will only help shatter (1)

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Celtic Knot. 

Every weave a memory,

Intermingled, entwined and I thought inseparable.

Beautiful and strong,

where I ended you began.

Now a frayed and feeble string,

kinked where my body refuses to forget.

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The Cave of Tiny Wonders. (Waitomo)

glow worm caves

A city at night upon the ceiling,

A billon tiny lights each marking a home.

Breathing in the moistened air,

I sail beneath,

Quiet is thick upon me, dense as stone.

Three miles in, one mile under

and life speckles Waitomo.

Sculpted silk beads dangle in multitudes,th (22)

the last necklace victims ever where,

each thread a vertical web

and every glow worm hungry.

At the end of a stalactite I see one flicker,

Dot, dot, dot, dash dash dash, dot dot dot,

another worm is munching its head,

Still chewing the worm levers in its neighbour’s thread,

a struggling fly swings to and fro.

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The Kleptomaniac Chameleon

Every night it sneaks out of its cage and steps onto my shelf, a burgundy brown. Carefully it stalks down the wall and places a scaled foot onto my sky blue carpet. First its toes, then legs, head and tail change as it sneaks across my floor. Its eyes swivel 360 as it spies my favourite pen; yellow, it has a spring on top upon which sits a Lego figurine of Darf Vader. Turning chestnut it makes its way up the legs of my desk. With a final flash of orange it climes onto my diary and snatches Mr Vader with a single lick of its tape-like tongue.  Slowly it crawls along my desk, nearing where I sleep. My Nike watch I had taken off and left upon the side. It slowly stalks, a foot from my face. In slumber I sneeze and he freezes, slowly curling up it’s tale.

download (6)

Five more steps and it slips my watch onto its ridged head. Seeing that is has five minutes till my alarm it sprints down the desk, across the floor, taking a short-cut over a Twister box it’s skin pulsates rainbow. Thirty seconds left, it drops the watch and climbs my wall changing red to yellow as it dashes over sun-set wall paper.

download (5)


I peel off my Simpson bed covers. In morning stupor I feel around for my watch to turn off the alarm. It’s not there. As things come into focus I see my pen lying upon the desk Darf Vaderless . I turn to the Chameleon tank and see my watch on the floor beneath the shelf its tank is on. I bend down to pick it up, turning off the alarm. I peer in through smudged glass. The Chameleon is wearing an innocent green as it lounges upon a leaf, perfectly still. . It swivels its eyes upwards to avoid my gaze,  I swear I see a smirk set upon its facedownload (4)

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Sometimes I forget

When I dance, it’s not just my body that moves,

stars inside my sole throw themselves into constellations,download (3)

I close my eyes, one with the melody

I’m ecstatic, eccentric and existential.

But sometimes I forget.

When I write, I don’t input letters in the keyboard,

each word spans further than the dictionary,

sculpted by memory, my life thesaurus,

I wrench them from my epidermis,blood

and watch them glitter on the page before they dry.

Swarming in multitudes,

a medium  I direct them through my fingertips,

and it’s glorious.

But sometimes I forget.

Voices trickle through my cranium,

tinkering with views,

a construction site with an ever changing blueprint,173_neurons

My neurons cables that have fingers reaching out to every book, film,  paper and passer by,

grasping for more.

But sometimes I forget.

I think of love and lust,

my sheep-skin carpet rises far into the air me upon it,

swirling into Van Goths midnight

lighting strikes my back,

charging me.

I am electric, eclectic and maybe epileptic.

But sometimes I forget it all.

I forget that lava burns bright as well as hot,

and I alone can move the continents of fate.

I feel my world is hollow,

a  lone terracotta warrior,

that’s long forsaken  colour.

When I forget,

I remember I have a balcony

and I am on the 28th floor.

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A worthless sea of worthless dreams.

I loved swimming,
but now I do it so not to drown.
With each stroke I tire,
Some people have boats,
they won’t let me board
as I have nothing to give.
So they sail by,
watching me drown.

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